Inspired by revolutionaries Frida Kahlo and Freda McDonald (more commonly known as Josephine Baker) FridaFreda is a traveling online photography and fashion project that features contemporary and imagined superheroes created by the women and girls on this site. Part photography, part fashion, part interview and part performance, it is an archive of diverse voices, narratives and styles that document the powers of the women and girls from various cities around the world.

I was styled by Tamara Leacock and photographed by Katherine Soutar wearing all SZN! Here's the interview:

What kind of power would you like?
To be ninja like... I often check ceilings for potential hiding places.
How would it manifest? What would enable it?
To me it represents self confidence and a reliance on ones own abilities. I don't have these abilities in the slightest, but thinking about it enables awareness of oneself, others and the environment.
Who is your favourite superhero/person/public figure, contemporary or imagined?
My family.
What do you admire most about Frida Kahlo and "Freda" Josephine Baker?
Persistence of creative endeavour. They are both artists whose work stands alone and is larger than its self - representative of their personal struggles and social contribution.
What do you think of when you think of them?
Strong self identity. They seem to have a depth of self understanding and conviction.
What would you change in Melbourne? Australia? The world?
Awareness of the other. To move beyond just tolerance rather an acceptance of each other as we are.
Are there any other issues that are important to you? Locally? Globally?
The valuing of art for arts sake. I think if we could apply creative thinking to the world we would appreciate diversity, contribution and representation more.
Do you feel like change is possible in these areas? How? 
Yes, through understanding and acceptance.
Do you think your ideas could change anything?
Yes, every person with the frame of mind of understanding and acceptance is one less person who thinks otherwise.
Are you comfortable speaking your mind/putting ideas into the world?
Yes, but I don't do it enough, but maybe knowing when to be quiet is good too?
Do you consider yourself a feminist? Womanist? Why/why not? What does this mean to you?   
No, I prefer not to label my beliefs, or have my beliefs defined by labels. Feminists/womanists, to me, are people who choose to identify with a social movement to emancipate women from inequality. I support their cause. 
How often do you subconsciously/consciously think about your desired superpower when you dress on a daily basis?     
Occasionally I wonder if I can climb or kick in a particular dress or skirt, then I wear it anyway!

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