PHOTOS:   Lee Grant

PHOTOS: Lee Grant

SZN has been invited to present a demo on how to make a utility apron. That is upcycling your old denim into something new and functional. I will present this demo at Fix and Make 7 November 2015, and if you like what you see and want to make an apron yourself, I will host a workshop 11 June 2016: tix here!


Fix and Make is a series of workshops and talks at Hotel Hotel. Through the practical, the experimental and the philosophical, the program brings different people together to actively question our consumption of and relationship with objects. Collectively, with small acts of fixing and making we can get a better understanding of how things work.

Hotel Hotel is a hotel. A place of collaborative craftsmanship conceived of and made by artists, makers, designers and fantasists. The 68 rooms are dressed with salvaged and restored 20th century Australian furniture, original artworks, collected objects, and artisan made furnishings.