Monochromatic Shards | Closet Voyage

Photo:   Heather Lansdowne of   Heastorm Blog

Photo: Heather Lansdowne of Heastorm Blog

Installment 2 of Closet Voyage's SZN trip! 

I’m so excited to share part 2 of my photoshoot in collaboration with Canberra Designer SZN. In part 1 (Concrete Mermaid) I styled a feminine hand tied Lycra net dress. This time, for something completely different, I’m wearing SZN‘s iconic cut out shorts. Like most of SZN’s creations, this piece is unisex, and infinitely versatile in how it can be worn. Last year, these shorts walked down the runway at FASHFEST 2013 as a menswear piece, worn over abstract printed tights (also produced by SZN). For me, I love the how the cutouts allow skin to show through for a cool contrast. If you’re wondering, like I was, how this piece was made, the form was evidently constructed, meticulously, from small scraps left over from materials used in other design processes. This is key to SZN designer, Susan Dlouhy’s design ethos – sustainability and zero waste. 

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