Designer Profile - SZN | Ink and Leathers

I love being blogged about, because I love understanding my own work through someone else's eyes. Grant from Ink and Leathers has just posted a story on SZN and I commend his description of the way I work. Really he made sense of, what I myself sometimes fail to describe, about the way I work in a logical fashion.

Here's an excerpt:

SZN is a label that defies classification. While it would be easy to pidgeon-hole Dlouhy's work as Sustainable Design, this would be a disservice to the true brilliance of the garments that she creates. 

Sustainability and elimination of waste are clearly near to Dlouhy's heart, and this is evident in her work, but not in a way that is preachy or which compromises the design aesthetic. For garments which are almost entirely, or often entirely, composed of offcuts and scraps of fabric; they do not look it. And for the one or two pieces that do, it is a clear design choice, and not a limitation imposed by the materials.

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