Concrete Mermaid | Closet Voyage

Photo:   Heather Lansdowne of   Heastorm Blog

Photo: Heather Lansdowne of Heastorm Blog

Closet Voyage had some beautiful things to say about me and SZN! She is pictured above taking one of my FASHFEST 2013 dresses for a spin. Here's an excerpt from her post:

Suzan Dlouhy is a bit of a Canberra institution. Apart from being an established local fashion designer, she was a prolific Canberra blogger many years before I even knew what blogging was, she’s an artist and a musician, and she’s a reoccurring face in the local social pages. She’s also one of the first local designers I ever had the pleasure of befriending when I first came to Canberra.

Her label, SZN is a mix of minimalism and experimentation. Her pieces could be described a enigmatic, always leaving you wondering: what are they made of, and how did she come up with this? Suzan, being a sustainable designer, names the fabric itself as one of her main inspirations. Her materials are largely salvaged scraps from other design processes. Most of the times they come in inconvenient shapes or small scraps, and the challenge of working with these gives rise to innovation. Suzan’s finished products are always conceptual and often take on a sculptural quality.

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