Music is a massive inspiration to SZN; the beat, the lyrics, the references, a symbol of the times, the commitment, and the passion of the players and the listeners. A Dj friend Wes sent me a link to this article about an underground knitwear company from London in the 70s and the scene - reggae dancehalls! Here's an excerpt:

Their vision for the brand was aimed towards the more discerning seventies man, to be worn at a country club, whilst sipping a G&T, but the inner-city kids of Brixton and Hackney had other ideas.
Quickly the brand fell onto the shoulders of the second generation black Londoners. Dressed to the nines and followed by their white counterparts, they would head to dancehall sound-system parties where they would move till the early hours. As time went on these button-up knit shirts came to be known by some as ‘yardie cardies’.

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