A fashion retail space like Canberra has never seen | HerCanberra

Local online blog for women HerCanberra has featured our new pop-up retail/studio space, Three little birds and little boy blue, in a recent story, here's an excerpt:


Pop. It’s up. A place where you can shop and engage with local designers one-on-one as they work their magic.

The retail/studio space at New Acton’s Hotel Hotel is innovative to say the least. ‘Three Little Birds & Little Boy Blue’, will open this Monday, and is a must see. While perhaps a mouthful, the name represents the local creators behind the space.

The three little birds are designer Gina Poulakis (pictured below) of label G. Ginchy, designer Suzan Dlouhy of label SZN and the owner of April’s Caravan, Janette (Netty) VontheHoff. And the little boy? Well that’s the highly talented designer Mitch Thompson of label Perpetually Five. And just to add another dimension, artist and designer Jodie Cunningham has joined the gang (I think that makes it four little birds, but what the heck).


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