Yeah Fashion is Fun, but...

Photo: Cooler Than Before

In not trying to take itself too seriously fashion is one of the only art-design-based practices I can think of that gets sideline consistenly as frivolous and fickle. 

Recently I asked a friend to model for me for a sustainable fashion show. I thought it was right up his ally and appropriate to his concerns about the environment, and a chance to engage in fashion for/with a cause. 

His answer "No".

Now I'm not concerned that anyone wouldn't feel like modelling, it takes a great deal of skill, and strength of personality to do it. I myself would hesitate first too, before going heck its a chance for another experience in this life!

So I sought to qualify his response with, "Would you pose nude for an artist?"


Now the terms here are of particular importance to me: Nude! Art! Artist!

The idea that what one does for art is more noble/valid/meaningful/etc than being concerned with fashion. 

I look forward to having discussions about fashion that aren't just about the good, the bad and the ugly. Sure trends and style are a component of the industry, but its not the only one that the everyday person can engage in. 

The typical response to "I'm a fashion designer" is: "oh I know nothing about fashion", "what do you think of what I'm wearing" or "what's in?"

Descriptive analysis aside, people could consider fashion with the same level of investigation and discussion they give to buying a car, house, going on holiday or watching MasterChef!

Research, knowledge of materials, history, culture, longevity, price, quality...

Otherwise the equivilant is driving a fiberglass replica of a Ferrari!

When we engage in the things that surround us in a more meaningfull way, then we can really start to have fun.