FashFest Preview | Red Magpie

Andrea Hutchinson [wearing SZN dress] and Anneliese Seubert.

Me with Mitch, designer or Perpetually Five.

Source: Red Magpie

In case you’ve missed the memo and the onslaught of social media updates,Fashfest is Canberra’s first fashion event equivalent to the likes of Sydney and Melbourne’s fashion weeks. Featuring the works of 30 local designers and involving more than 150 people in its fruition, Fashfest’s mystery location was finally announced at a media launch held yesterday at Canberra Airport.

The modern industrial building of 3 Molonglo Drive, Brindabella Park will house this four-night fashion feast. A minimalist setting is perfect for any fashion show, especially one that will feature such a diverse range of fashion designers. We were treated to a mini-showcase of what’s to come, including garments by EDITIONSZNPerpetually FiveLisa T and 4 Minutes 33 (see images below).

Aside from all the runway puns you can think of, the correlation between Canberra Airport and Fashfest is a general theme of putting Canberra on the map—in Fashfest’s case figuratively, in the Canberra Airport’s case, literally. As Suzan Dlouhy put it, “seeing is believing”, and Fashfest promises to contradict those who would turn a blind eye to Canberra’s burgeoning fashion industry.

WIN News also covered the media launch, and if you missed it you can check out the Youtube clip here (thanks Suzan!). Make sure to get yourself to Fashfest and purchase your tickets here.