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Some of you may know that I ran a street style blog called CAPITAL THREAD. This blog has been a way for me to objectively reflect on the style around me, by removing bias, brand and critique. I photographed what caught my eye and I tried to develop a sense of a Canberra aesthetic in amongst an Australian context.

Now that I am mostly occupied with SZN I have come to the conclusion that a merging of both sites means that each can coexist in one locale; representing an evolution of me. This blog page is what inspires me to create, I try to showcase other designers, industries and philosophies that reflect the potential and creative environment that SZN exists in an hopes flourishes.

Adding CAPITAL THREAD in the mix adds the daily life influence, whether from Instagram or events that I attend, fashion for me is a result of all my interactions: the weather, music, street style, food, art... the list goes on. So welcome CAPITAL THREAD to my other love SZN.

[CAPITAL THREAD will continue to exist as an archive. Go ahead and visit it, try searching 'multicultural fest' or 'April's Caravan' and see what you find.]

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