Villainess photo exhibition | Red Magpie


The SZN garment features in the Villainess photo exhibition which opens this week.

What’s involved? A series of 30 images featuring us and our friends as villainous alter egos, with garments and headpieces sourced from Canberra designers (SZNEditionsofia polak, Kathy Kalokerinos, and Eline Martinsen) and milliners (Annika Hutchins, Bronwen Stead and Amanda Rowen).
Our subjects include the mythological characters of Medusa, the Siren, the Big Bad Wolf, and Morgan Le Fay, and also villains from the past century: the White Witch (The Chronicles of Narnia), the Borg Queen (Star Trek: First Contact), the Femme Fatale, Pyramid Head (Silent Hill 2), Vampira, and Elle Driver (Kill Bill).

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Suzan DlouhyComment