Chopped 2013


Chopped, a car festival that celebrates custom pre 1965 cars. I got to meet custom legend Gene Winfield and talk shop. I was blown away by the sheer amount of work and lifelong dedication he has put into his trade.

I was a bit of a journalist and drilled him with questions about whether he ever restores to near new or prefers custom, he said he chops everytime! Asymmetry is his signature style, and using blends and tones of paint to accentuate body work - e.g. 11 shades of green! He's interviewed Jay Leno, built a car for Woody Allen, been given a Focus by Ford to customise and has built complete cars from the ground up - car couture!

Chopped was perfect! Especially right before presenting 8 costumes made from car parts at Spin 19 October.