The artist's process

I'm looking at developing a creative process that is lifestyle based, i.e. makes me happy, not stressed because of piece work and repetititve processes. I want to create garments where each one is unique, involves ongoing creativity and design - diveristy is the key!

Looking at my last collection I am considering expanding on the idea of the maker's mark through an ongoing design process which is hands on. Still sourcing all my fabrics from post and pre consumer fashion industry waste I want to recontexulise the use of these fabrics.

Creating promotional pieces with costume elements, I will value-add through fabric embellishments, such as the following:

  • paint and resin dipped and formed garments
  • explore beading with unconventional objects
  • innertube tiling and incorporation
  • plaiting, shredding and cladding of remnants

Taking inspiration from my favourite past-time: music, I want to delve into alter egos, characterisation and on stage personas.

Here's a word from artist William Kentridge on his process:

Applying this to a fashion context, the garment from the first step is the canvas. So rather than toiling and discarding the process, keep the process as inherent to the final outcome.