Illustrators Brief


To produce a short (2-3 pages) illustrated comic. That tells an alternative story of the creation of an SZN costume garment.


Inspiration for the comic comes from the discovery of the Antikythera Mechanism in 1901. This is a mechanism that dates back to 100 BC and contains technology that wasn't seen till the 1400s.

Would technology have occured differently had it not been lost? Would our society be structured the same? Would I design the same way if given the same materials, or no materials at all?

Photo:  3D TODAY

Photo: 3D TODAY


2012 AD - Antikythera Times

After a thousand years of rapid technological development, Kytherans saw the rise and fall of many great ideas.

With space flight as a inexpensive mode of transport, SZN a young design student was running late to her hologram programming class. 

As usual space dust clung to her data screen obstructing her view; if only she'd invested more time into sourcing a better defragmenter.

Hanging onto this thought SZN ran over layout ideas for class. Hopefully these recorded memory snaps would satisfiy her Captains demands.


SZN shakes her head in disbelief, how did this happen! A dysfunctional portal has pulled her craft from its wavelength and grounded her. SZN steps out tentativley testing the ground for give, she has never been on land territory, she thought these were crazy stories her tato made up!

Her craft is firmly lodged in PHSYICAL waste - how strange! 

Moving pieces of soft, smooth and fuzzy flexible matter away, her hands linger on these unknown textures. Accustomed to memory designs in Element 589, a thermal protective element, her mind is electrified by this discovery...


SZN illustrators sketch.jpg

Colour Palette/Materials

colour palette.jpg

Electric cables - Fake Fur - Jersey remnants - Suede - Leather


Photo: Packaging for a 1960s coffee jug

Photo: Packaging for a 1960s coffee jug

Photo: Al Muenchen Source:  Art Skool Damage

Photo: Al Muenchen Source: Art Skool Damage