Think Hard | Rosalie Gascoigne

Photo:  AG NSW

Photo:AG NSW


"You have to work hard, you have to think hard." (Source: Rosalie Gascoigne via )

Rosalie Gascoigne observed that 'junk is hard to find' and its a message that rings true in my practice. Once I have established a use for a particular scrap of fabric, its unique/one-off nature becomes a challenge in understanding its context.

If I make a mistake it cannot be recreated. If I use it carelessly, its potential is limited.

However, if I overvalue it before I establish a new context for it, I undervalue its intrinsic nature - as a object of chance and random allocation.

I have chosen to not toile garments, but rather work tentatively with the materials on hand, letting the nature of each piece inform the design and its ultimate context.