Urbandon | Upcycled menswear

Urbandon 2012- Apparition jacket from reclaimed canvas (10).jpg

Photo: Urbandon

Pictured above is fashion designer Don Pezzano in his own limited edition jacket made from upcycled canvas paintings. 

Here's a word from his website:

"I am a menswear designer and jeweller living in Sydney with my partner and various dogs. My goal is to create cool, sustainable and wearable clothes and accessories.I'm naturally frugal and concerned with the unethical and unsustainable practices in fast fashion today.This standpoint has influenced my designs from the drawing board to the end product. I use only deadstock fabrics, organic cottons, wool and reclaimed fabrics. Packaging is recycled paper and card, swing tags and business cards are recycled paper stock.

I focus on modern and deconstructed clothing that is durable, well-made and sustainable. I am not into 'tricky' or 'over-the-top'. Simple, clean and calm designs for creative, patient and intelligent customers. No mass-production. No trashy fabrics. No following trends or seasonal colours. I don't have to play those games and I create for people who are interested in something a little deeper when it comes to their clothes. There is an element of science-fiction and costume to my clothes that I just can't escape from. I was bred on Star Wars, The Fifth Element and Blade Runner. I'd like to think my clothes would be just at home on the planets Tatooine or Caladan."