Inner tube

Here are some artists that showcase the great diversity that can be achieved from a single material like inner-tube.  

Michael Sailstorm | Photo:   The Arts Hour

Michael Sailstorm | Photo: The Arts Hour

Eli Baxter, r eaching beyond the material form of a 'sculpture'. |  Photo:   Dungannistan

Eli Baxter, reaching beyond the material form of a 'sculpture'. | Photo: Dungannistan

Nikolay Sardamov |   Photo:   Metalab

Nikolay Sardamov | Photo: Metalab



Susan Stockwell, e xperiment, play and telling stories. |  Photo:   Susan Stockwell    

Susan Stockwell, experiment, play and telling stories. | Photo: Susan Stockwell


"Look hard at the world, at what you barely notice and do not value - to find profundity and beauty there." [Susan Stockwell]